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These are some of the most common technical support questions that are asked with easy answers.   

Q. How come I can't see the GL account when I'm entering in the Sales/Invoicing screen?

A. Go to Options - Global - Click on the "Accounting" tab and in the middle of the screen you will see a paragraph titled "Hide General Ledger Accounts", Uncheck the boxes within that paragraph. Click "OK".

Q. Why do I have only one line in my journal entry screen, I used to have two?

A. Go to Options - Global - Click on the "General" tab and in the paragraph titled "Line Item Entry Display", check 2 Line button. Click "OK".

Q. Why is the Excel button grayed out on my Peachtree?

A. The version of Excel that you have loaded is not compatible with the version of Peachtree that you are using. The work around is go to the report you need to export and right click on that report. You will see the Excel option listed.

Q. Do I always have to enter the decimal point?

A. Go to Options- -Global - Click on the "Accounting" tab and in the paragraph titled "Decimal Entry", click the "Manual" button>select the number of decimal places you need. Click "OK".

Q. How come I can no longer edit my list records in a transaction screen (customer, vendors, inventory items)?

A. After you have selected the customer or vendor ID you can Double click on the ID field, and the Maintenace screen will open. This also works with the GL Account ID field and the Item ID field.

Q. I am receiving Serial Number in use or Another Peachtree user is using the same serial number when attempting to open my company. How can I correct this?

A. Reboot your computer - Go to Task Manager - Look for W32MKDE.EXE, click to highlight, End Task. If W32MKDE.EXE is not shown, close Task Manager.

Go to Start, Find or Search for conn*.* Be sure you are searching the DATA PATH for these files.

Select all connco and conndp files from your data path and choose delete.

The .ini file has certain lines that will need to be edited. To edit the file, go to Start>Run>and type in the .ini file name that corresponds with your product. For example, if you are on Peachtree Complete Accounting R2004 you would type in PCW110.INI. Click OK and the file will open in notepad.

Scroll down to (Options) section and look for the line Show Start Up=No, change the No to Yes (capital Y then es).

Look for the line LastCompanyOpenShort=(your company name in short) would be your last company opened. Delete the FULL company name after the = sign.

Select File from the menu bar - Save then Close the .ini file

Open Peachtree in a sample company. After the company opens, select File - Open Company and open your company data.